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Footlogics Catwalk

Footlogics Catwalk. A present for your feet! Developed by Australian podiatrists, Footlogics catwalk represents the ultimate in walking comfort. Reg. price $19.95. Currently 25% off!
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Walking in heels means most of your body weight is placed on the front of your feet, causing the forefoot structure to collapse. This excess force and friction leads to common conditions like ball of foot pain, burning sensation under the foot (Metatarsalgia), callous and corns - even tired, aching legs!

Catwalk insoles support the arch and forefoot and re-distribute your bodyweight. This greatly reduces the excess force on the forefoot, thereby providing lasting relief from pain and discomfort. These orthotic insoles are made of high-memory patented materials, designed to cushion and support at the same time, especially under the ball of the foot. An adhesive under the heel area prevents the insole from slipping forward inside your shoes, sandals or boots. **


  • 3/4-length soft, flexible orthotic developed by Australian podiatrists
  • Made of high quality P.U. to provide both support and cushioning
  • Distributes body weight evenly over the entire foot
  • Slim and thin design, almost invisible, even in sandals
  • Slight arch support and built-in metatarsal raise
  • Adhesive patch holds orthotic in place
  • Designed to fit most types of narrow ladies' fashion footwear with low or high heel, including pumps, boots and sandals


  • Ball of foot pain or metatarsalgia
  • Callous and corns
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Aching legs
The easiest way to clean Footlogics is to simply wipe them with a warm soapy cloth. Please, do not soak them or put them in a washer or dryer.
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