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Testimonials - OOFOS

Bill Wells. Ontario, CA
2016-12-16, 19:48
I'm not sure if I told you but I have been wearing orthotics basically every day since 1994. Without them, I haven't been able to wear any form of shoes for more than 15 minutes. The only sandals I can wear are the Adidas adisagge shower shoes. I'm really not sure why, but they work.

I wore my Oofos this last Sunday for almost the entire day. I really like them. I think, because they are so squishy, they form to my feet, like an orthotic. They are these one sandals I have been able to wear, since 1994.

Bill Wells, Owner/Chiropractor, Urban Athlete
Daniel P. Alberta, CA
2016-12-15, 19:42
Never did I think that I would find a sandal that would feel better than a pair of runners.

I have had foot pain for about 5 years and had to resort to wearing a pair of runners that I found that were sufficient to having little foot pain.

When I found these sandals they became my number one source of relaxing my feet while being on my feet.

I love the comfort they provide after a long day in a work boot or running 10k.
Christie P. Alberta, CA
2016-12-15, 19:39
I'm a runner & a group fitness instructor. After injuring my knee I was looking for different recovery options. I was wearing my husbands oofos around the house, so I decided to get my own. I bought clogs since my feet are always cold & I like wearing socks. They feel great on my feet! Im a size 6.5 so I ordered size 7 and they fit perfect. After a long day I wear them cooking supper and doing things around home. I just want to pace around as every step massages my feet & supports my arches. They definitely help tired, achy feet & legs & give the right amount of cushy support.
Linda G. Alberta, CA
2016-12-12, 16:13
Let me tell you how much I LOVE my Oofos! They are so powdery soft! They are like walking on pillows! They have taken away my foot pain. Being a runner, I have struggled with several foot issues, including plantar fascitis and metatarsal pain. I have tried many different alternatives including inserts and custom orthotics with minimal relief. And then along came Oofos!!! So comfortable. So helpful in relieving pain! So amazing! And I am so thankful to Dawn for introducing us to each other! They are miracle shoes! Now if only they came in high heels!
Alistair Munro. Toronto, ON
2016-12-05, 21:35
I must admit, - I always view footwear with a good dose of skepticism. The Oofos were a pleasant surprise. They are great if your feet ache when you first get up in the morning. I always seek them out and put them on to come down the stairs — much more comfortable with the shoes on. I never wear them continuously but I wear them frequently through the day and I feel like my lower legs and feet are just less sore and fatigued for it. Personally I think it is best to mix it up with footwear and being barefoot when you are indoors. I think for short journeys like shopping or a walk around the corner, they are good too.

Alistair Munro, Coach, Megan Brown Performance Racing Team
Liisa Savijarvi. Ontario, CA
2016-11-30, 20:22
I really LOVE the Oofos! I really like the way they feel like you’re walking on firm jello and they give great support under my arch.

Liisa Savijarvi, former Olympic Alpine skier. Owner, Ski Escapes
Cory Freedman. Toronto, ON
2016-11-19, 15:54
From the first time I put my Oofos on, I knew I had found the perfect recovery sandal for me! They are my "go-to" footwear after a hard race, a hard workout or a hard day at the office! They rejuvenate both my feet and legs immediately. I would highly recommend that you try them out!

Cory Freedman
Race Director, Runner, Rider and Gear Junkie
Sporting Life 10k, Toronto Women's Run Series
Sue Lawson, Creemore ON
2016-11-15, 11:50
I’m loving my OOFOS flip flops! They have a great heel cup and super arch support - so good for plantar fasciitis! And because they are so squishy the conform to rocks and uneven ground making them great cottage footwear.

Sue Lawson Underhill, Owner/Physiotherapist, Maximum Physiotherapy
Ruth-Anne S., Vernon, British Columbia
2016-09-12, 22:53
Yesterday I did the 2K walk for Parkinsons, in Vernon, BC. I found myself up at the front of the participants, struttin along comfortably in my wonderful navy Oofos, right behind the Piper, who was leading us along! Some of my friends suggested that I should be wearing running shoes, but I said “with my bunions, they are not comfortable, but these Oofos don’t affect them, so I’ll be good!" I left them all walking quite a distance behind me! Gotta love the comfort of these super Oofos!
Westcoast Guitars, Vancouver BC
2016-07-25, 21:05
OOFOS Sandals Rock !!!!!!!
Musicians are loving the OOFOS sandals !!
Barbara Payne
2016-07-23, 19:15
They are the best thing I have ever found for my problem feet!!
Eric Lafrance, Gatineau, Quebec
2016-06-28, 09:43
I received my new Oofos this week. I must say, I am very thankful for your service and most of all, for you standing behind your product and replacing my Oofos. It is very rare nowadays that companies do so and it speaks volumes about how important your clients are to you. I am thoroughly impressed with how you handled my problem and will continue spreading the good word about the Oofos brand and the people who sell them. Thank you very much,
Aretha Levay Randall, Kelowna BC
2016-04-26, 13:02
Bought the slide while visiting Kona on vacation and could not believe how comfortable they were for all the hours of daily walking I did there. No blisters. No break-in period required. Like walking on clouds!
Mike J., Toronto, ON
2016-04-07, 18:55
When I get in from runs I just want to give my legs and feet a little boost of comfort while walking around. Everything is tight and every step feels achy, but when I put on my OOFOS it really all goes away. The foam feels like it's giving me back everything that the pounding from running took away. And I don’t always wait for the post-run; I wear them first thing in the morning and first thing after work. They’re hard to resist.
Margaret Bohne, Lethbridge AB
2016-04-06, 17:03
I wore Keens our 1st day at Disneyland. Changed to my OOFOS when I got back to the hotel cause my feet were killing me. This is day 4 with my OOFOS & my feet haven't bothered me! Great shoes!
Margot Enbom, Hometown: Red Deer AB. Residing in San Alselmo, CA
2016-04-06, 16:59
The minute I put on my Oofos, I knew my life was going to change. I have been dealing with insertional Achilles tendinosis for the past year or so. Wearing the right shoes makes a huge difference. I never thought a pair of "flip flops" would help. However, they now never leave my feet! It is hard to explain how they make me feel - they are comfortable, they feel like you are walking on soft foam, they relieve any pain you might be experiencing and they are the first things I put on in the morning (they sit right by the side of my bed, waiting for me each morning!). Thank you Oofos for making my feet feel brand new! My friends are all going to be receiving a pair of Oofos for their birthdays this year!
Beverley Jackson Harwood, Delta BC
2015-12-23, 15:27
Thank you - Oofos Canada for making many feet sooo happy.....Merry Christmas!
Jennifer Pigott, Pointe Claire QC
2015-08-27, 11:53
I wear my Oofos after every run, every class I teach. I am a full time group fitness instructor/trainer for YMCA Canada. I love to run half marathons and have my first full marathon coming up. My Oofos help my feet recover and rest after my runs, I never go anywhere without them!
Kathi Petovello Kirk
2015-07-06, 19:05
Oofos are very light and so comfortable. It feels like you have just stepped into memory foam. They have great arch support which doesn't break down. Rather amazing.
Bernice Kuntz, Saskatchewan
2015-05-27, 20:40
Thank you Lorna, I appreciate the 1st class customer service you have provided. A person could not ask for more, nor could we find a more comfortable pair of sandals! OOFOS are slowly taking over my closets. :)
Dave England, British Columbia
2015-05-15, 17:13
I'm a very, very happy owner of a pair of Oofos Ooriginal Thong Sandals. I wear these whenever I possibly can as they are so incredibly different and comfortable. Here are a few reasons why I'm extremely pleased with this product:

1. They truly do make your feet smile. The first time you try them on you can't help but grin along with them....while saying "Oooo" of course.

2. They also really do shorten your recovery time from long or difficult runs. I 'm completely at ease in saying my recovery time is shortened by 50% due to my Oofos!

3. A quick breeze around the internet quickly educates you on Oofos products. They state their product absorbs 37% more impact than normal shoes. So, I think this is the reason for my quick recovery!

4. Last but not least, they are washable, durable and great looking. Not that looking at my toes is great as I usually have at least 3 black toes, but the sandals themselves have a very attractive appearance....unlike my toes....

Having had such a wonderful recovery experience with this product I recommend that everyone try a pair of these as soon as you can. Especially if you run! The experience of walking in them is very pleasurable and different enough that you really do have to smile! They may even change your life. I know that recovering faster from my long runs has changed mine!!
Karthryn Hodgson, RMT
2015-05-07, 11:51
As a Registered Massage Therapist, I am on my feet all day long and having supportive yet comfortable footwear is absolutely essential to my well-being and thus, my ability to effectively care for my patients. I found a pair of OOFOS 6 months ago and have been wearing them ever since...they are AMAZING. I now own 4 pairs and have my husband hooked on his first pair. There is truly no sandal on the market that compares to OOFOS...try them; You'll love them!!
Rosemary, Changes Hair Salon
2015-05-05, 10:42
I am a hairdresser who stands for eight to ten hours a day. I am not usually one to write a review or advertise for anything or anyone, but I feel it is an absolute duty for me to put this out there... THESE SHOES ROCK! I can stand in them all day and feel no fatigue, pain or soreness. I feel like I could go on a walk after an eight hour shift. Do yourself and your feet a favour and get into some OOFOS!
Mike Huston, Medical Tower Drugs
2015-04-29, 15:18
I'm really amazed at the amount of interest we have had for the OOFOS sandals since we brought them into our store. We have had people from 2 hours away come in to pick a pair, and many customers end up coming back for repeat business to pick up a 2nd, 3rd and even 4th pair. With summer just coming up it seems the interest is growing by the week!
Anita Clausi, Elements Massage Therapy, Woolbridge ON
2015-04-29, 08:53
I felt the OO! I picked up my first pair of Oofos at a street market in Kailua Kona, Hawaii this past March 2015. Loved them so much, went back to the market the same day and bought a second pair. Hello, I am an entrepreneur in the health and wellness industry and feel my clientele would greatly benefit from the comfort, support and relief Oofos shoe brand provides.
Dave Pinton, Windsurfer, runner & mountain biker
2014-11-07, 08:46
OOFOS are amazing! I love wearing flip flops in the summer but my feet and back don’t. They feel the pain after a few hours… but no more! Slipping on OOFOS is like a sigh for your feet. Comfort and health – powerful combo. I’ve told friends who try them. Now they love Oofos… and me… even more! I crave wearing them and have a pair ready to go at all times. Seriously. Get some!
Debbie Northorp, White Rock BC
2014-09-05, 14:47
On our most recent trip to Greece, my OOFOS were the perfect footwear to adventure through the islands! I was able to walk for hours and felt as if I was walking on the clouds with the Gods! Added bonus of course was how light-weight they are - perfect accompaniment for traveling and luggage weight restrictions. Anyone traveling, must include these sandals!
Kathy, Tsawwassen BC
2014-07-21, 20:53
I'm so happy with my OOFOS sandals! They are OHHH so comfortable! My only problem is figuring out which colour to wear!
Wendy, Saskatchewan
2014-06-25, 16:54
I found OOFOS in Hawaii last year when my feet were killing me in cheap flip flops (also suffer from plantar fasciitis). DH ended up getting a pair as well and we both LOVE them - like walking on clouds with support - most comfortable shoes we've ever owned. Need new ones now they're wearing out from so much use!
John Roberts, Langley BC
2014-04-10, 11:52
I am a regular marathoner with three more coming up this year. In late spring, I developed a case of plantar fasciitis. A friend suggested I try OOFOS in addition to my regular routine of ice rolling and new orthotics in my runners. I couldn't believe the difference in how my feet felt! The relief was palpable. Fast forward to now, plantar issue is a memory, and i still wear my OOFOS everywhere. Fantastic product!


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