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Anatech is a truly Canadian company, based in Vancouver, BC. We started in 1985 as a manufacturer of high quality custom-made orthopaedic bracing. This early focus on understanding customer’s needs allowed Anatech to grow to become one of Canada’s leading distributors of sports medicine products, offering a variety of innovative supports, designed for an active lifestyle. For many years we worked in the orthopedic and healthcare industry and now offer a range of products specifically designed for the pharmaceutical market in OTC packaging. We have recently have made a push into the sports retail market and are very pleased to announce our newest branding partnerships with products that fit well in that channel: OOFOS, SISU/SOVA and Footlogics Australia.

The newest product for Anatech was launched here in Canada in the spring of 2014. OOFOS Recovery Sandals provide unparalleled impact absorption, comfort and support while reducing fatigue and enhancing recovery for both professional athletes and the weekend warrior. OOFOS has been very successfully tested in the US and the marketing model has been perfected, focusing on customer satisfaction and testimonials. We are already seeing tremendous results and we're finding that people LOVE their OOFOS!.

The SISU Mouthguard, for the sports market, is an absolute game changer! It allows the athlete to talk, breathe and drink while still wearing it! SISU and the SOVA™ Night Guard (for bruxism (grinding the teeth) are both revolutionary new designs and both give the wearer excellent protection and superior comfort for a fraction of the cost of a custom guard.

Footlogics offer a range of innovative orthotic insoles designed and developed by Australian podiatrists for common biomechanical foot complaints. Footlogics Canada, a division of Anatech Inc., brought these cost effective solutions to North America, helping customers alleviate pain, prevent future problems and enjoy comfort while leading active lifestyles.


Anatech is one of the leading Canadian distributors of sports medicine products. Keeping true to our core values of quality, integrity and reliability, we vow to deliver innovative high quality products to "support active lifestyles".


1 800 667 3442
1 604 273 2836

info@anatechinc . com
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5920 No. 6 Road, Unit 205
Richmond, BC  V6V 1Z1

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